Weird And Fun Bathroom Gadgets For The Techies In Your Life


Our instincts tell us that tech and bathrooms should remain as far from each other as possible. Until waterproofing became a thing, using tech in bathrooms was done at your own risk, but times have changed. With a new wave of smart homes taking over, gadgets intended for smarter bathrooms were created. Gadgets takes a look at some fun tech you can use to take you tech game to a whole new level.


We’re honestly surprised at how these are not more commonly used today. With in-built clocks, weather and news as well as adjustable lighting, there are hundreds of different variations on these mirrors. Some include touch screen TVs and others work with cameras, so that the mirror isn’t reflective at all times. Many are also heated to avoid steam fogging up the glass, and most connect to smart assistants. Our choice is the QAIO smart mirror, which contains all the features mentioned here.

Smart Toothbrush

No we’re not talking about electric toothbrushes. We’re talking about the next step in toothbrush evolution which you don’t even know about. The UNOBRUSH is a new type of toothbrush which uses vibrations to brush your teeth and remove up to 99.9% of plaque. It uses a special type of high-density polyurethane in a latticed pattern, meaning you only need to use it for 6 seconds! You can sanitise it in a recharging, UV light docking station, so that it always remains clean.

UNOBRUSH, Smart Tooth Brush

Soap Flakes

Bar soap is antiquated and can quickly turn dirty and mouldy. Liquid soap is convenient, but all those plastic bottles damage the environment and its not exactly cheap either. The Eco-Soapr is a new and innovative way to dispense soap. What’s great about it is that it is activated by a motion sensor, so you don’t even need to touch it when washing your hands. In times of a pandemic, every little helps!

Eco Soap Dispenser

Self-Drying Bath Mats

Germaphobes out there will love this one. Wet bath mats are the ideal breeding ground for thousands of different bacteria and organisms, and are seriously unhygienic. This bath mat contains activated charcoal to dry instantly and remove odors, avoiding unwanted moisture. Also, if you’ve ever stepped on a wet bath mat in socks, you know exactly why you need this.

Self-Drying Bath Mat

Climate Control

Hate having showers on cold winter mornings? Since most homes in Malta don’t have central heating, Hottlight is a cool alternative (no pun intended) which combines a motion activated light, a bathroom heater and two Bluetooth speaker to boot. You can pre-heat your bathroom with the mobile app, and also use it to dry off wet clothes. The heat it provides also prevents steam forming on your mirror, leaving you with a warmer, dryer and cleaner bathroom.

Control Your Water Use

This one feels like it’s a great toy for the dads in your life. The Flo by Moen directly connects to your water pipes, letting you know how much water you’re using and alarming you if it notices any leaks or drops in water pressure. Gone are the days of expensive water damage repair, with Moen Flo, you can turn off the water supply to your bathroom on the go when a leak is detected, since the device connects to Wi-Fi and can be controlled from anywhere.

Flo by Moen

  Automatic Cleaners

Rather than getting your own hands dirty, automatic toilet cleaners and smart-toilet seats should be mandatory. Heated seats, bidet function (which our very own Martina seemed to enjoy), deodorizer and self-cleaning function, what’s not to love? There’s also a night-light for the accuracy challenged male members of the family. While many exist, our pick is the Kohler cleansing seat

Self-Cleaning Toilet Seat

What do you think of bathroom gadgets? Did we miss out on any cool tech? Let us know in the comments.