We Should Not Be Slaves To WhatsApp & Our Phones – Marketing Firm Co-Founder Davinia Mallia Pulé

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Are you the type of person who could take entire days to reply to a WhatsApp message, or do you take ‘instant’ messaging to another level by reading and replying to messages within seconds? Do you ever wonder why you necessarily need to answer messages right away? Surely, most messages can wait, especially when you’re busy doing something far more important.

WhatsApp has taken over a big part of our personal and working lives, and many of us will admit to feeling quite lost without it, such as when the messaging app suffered a worldwide outage along with Facebook & Instagram in October 2021.

Davinia Mallia Pulé, the co-founder of marketing firm GRO, tackled the subject in a Facebook post, arguing that “we need to normalise the act of not answering WhatsApp messages immediately”.

No, it isn’t rude to leave a WhatsApp message pending

The reality is that while mobile phones have given us the ability to communicate with each other with extreme ease, we now face a barrage of messages on multiple platforms. Handling them all can be quite a headache, but as Mallia Pulé points out, it can be quite problematic to try dealing with messages while you’re doing something else that requires your full focus… like driving, being in meetings, working out or spending quality time with family/friends.

Society expecting us to answer messages immediately is not a good thing

Importantly, she says that our phones needs to serve us and we should not be slaves to them.

“And this is not personal, my friends and I have good expectations for the most part, however I fear that for society in general the expectations to answer messages asap may be impacting our quality of life and ability to focus.”

And people who reacted to Mallia Pulé’s post were pretty much in agreement, though our favourite one was her own, on a more light-hearted note:

But seriously now, we couldn’t agree more, messages can always wait and we need to be able to focus. Multi-tasking kills your brain and your productivity after all.

Do you expect friends, colleagues, family members or clients to reply to your messages right away?