Ways Social Media changed the Way you think


Technology has come a long way in making our lives relatively easier and smoother. The advancements of technology has changed the way we do a lot of things in life; although is this always a good thing?

  1. We live in an age of spoilers
      Remember when you were a day or two late for the latest Game of Thrones episode and felt like you had to watch the path of your eyes very cautiously. Scrolling through Instagram and your Snapchat Stories feed extremely paranoid that you are going to witness a spoiler.
    1. This is what we mean.


2. Not answering Whatsapp in over half an hour induces panic
We live in an age where not answering your WhatsApp messages for a “while” incites panic into your friends and peers with worries of a tragic accident.


3. What happened to going to the pub for a quiet beer?
Not really possible when the group next to you is live-streaming their pub-dinner and over exaggerating facial expressions and shouting to look like they are having more fun than they actually are.



4. It has become impossible to pull off a sick-day in work
Even though you have a splitting headache, your Spotify feed shows you have been listening to progressive techno for the last 8 hours. You didn’t look like you had a splitting headache on Instagram story.


5. What happened to enjoying the outdoors?
You could be with all your best friends at a field on a sunny day with not a cloud in sight and you would still be hunched over scrolling through your feeds.


6. It is NOT about enjoying the moment anymore
Times have really changed the way we look at things, nowadays it is more about capturing the moment; rather than taking it all in and enjoying the moment.