Water + Macbook = ⚡⚡


Most of us have been there – working away on your laptop, in the zone, glass of what at hand…and that’s where the trouble starts. Dexterity fails you, as you knock the glass over, onto your laptop. A post on The Salott asked what would need to be done in such a situation…but first, the best comments.

Been there before

The helpful comment was sandwiched between two people of previous experience in the matter. We pay respect to your drowned gadgets.

Nothing some humour can’t solve

Of course, Facebook comment sections are as much about humour as they are about solving the issue. These were our picks!

Helping hands

Apart from the one mentioned above, and the two below, you can also check out the video we made with phoneREFIX!

Bonus: The Brute

Some old IBMs were things of pure strength, as explained by one comment. We expect a statue was erected in its honour.