WATCH The “Justice League” Trailer In ⚫⚪ Here!


The original movie underwent true Warner Bros treatment, in being cut down to 120 minutes and having more humour added to it. Because adding humour to the “darker” comic book universe works right? Now, having dealt with personal tragedy, Zack Snyder took back control and a new version is set for 2021.

Playing catch up

So while the Marvel Cinematic Universe is heading into Phase 4 with some spectacular titles and projects, DC is playing catch-up by turning their biggest title into a 4-part series of hourly episodes. It will be available on HBO Max, before then being released as a 4-hour complete movie.

In any case, we are absolutely loving the black and white trailer, played to a backdrop of Jeff Buckley’s Hallelujah. Here’s hoping it lives up to the hype this time. A colour version has been released, but why would you want to see that?