WATCH: Online Delivery is the new normal! What are the implications for the Big Tech industry?


Coronavirus (COVID-19) has effectively changed consumer habits, whether they wanted it or not. People are ordering more stuff online, even locally, with many local establishments offering delivery options for items generally bought in-person, things like groceries that we never would have imagined we’d get delivered instead.

As was covered in previous episodes of COVID-19 discussions with, consumers and even business owners afforded to neglect the digitisation of their brand or company. Consumers might never have bothered learning about how to order online, the safety and security implications of it, the pros and cons… and always ordered stuff the old-fashioned way.

COVID-19 has now put a stop to that, and has essentially forced everyone to adapt to the modern way of buying things, and that is ordering (and more often than not, paying) online.

Entertainment services like Netflix, and online gaming on consoles and PCs have a tremendously increased user-base following the COVID-19 pandemic. This is a given, since people are forced to stay inside, and with that the consumer’s habits and moods have been changed.

Gadgets and have put all this in the spotlight and discussed how Malta is prepared to deal with a country that has numerous people across the island working from home, uploading and downloading constantly throughout the day, Zoom meetings, file sharing, etc. 

Where before we’re used to having concentrated areas of internet usage in places like Valletta, Sliema, and various industrial estates, we’re now experiencing heavy internet usage across different parts of the country. People’s homes! This in turn, would force internet service providers to detect and strengthen the connectivity in these localities where maybe before weren’t that susceptible to peak internet usage.

Hon. Clayton Bartolo, Parliamentary Secretary for Financial Services and Digital Economy has spoken about how tech companies and the process of digitising orders and products, is always effective and will help Malta’s business push forward. COVID-19 has many negative effects on society, but the little gleaming light could be that Malta will be more properly equipped to digitise their product, and the consumers will in turn become more tech-savvy. If you have any queries or want help on how you can make your business thrive in the digital world, can guide you in the right direction. Contact them at: