WATCH: Maltese TikToker Calls Out Illegal Party Goers In Heartfelt Video


Local TikToker @curlie.png took to the social media platform to share her thoughts on the now-infamous illegal party that took place during the soft lockdown. What she makes clear is that she has no issue with the partygoers’ professional lives; it was the apology that ensued that ground her gears.

Before hearing her thoughts, here’s the apology in full.

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In her piece, Greta explains that what happened was no mistake; invites were sent, people attended and saw what was happening, and still decided to stay. And blaming the manager doesn’t quite cut it either. She then concluded by asking local content creators to do better and make a difference in a more positive light with their position.


I’m not gonna escalate this, this is all I have to say anyway stay safe, just, obey regulations. Damn.

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What led to all this?

Of course, Greta’s post is simply the thought collection of one person; but there are plenty who feel the same way. What’s strange is the way it all came about. Despite knowing the pandemic, the party wasn’t even a well-kept secret.

Did the attendees think that a blind eye would be turned on their Insta stories and TikTok pages? Fireworks were shot into the night sky, each pop a slap in the face of fellow citizens doing their part by social distancing.

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Lest we forget, these weren’t the only people celebrating recently; we’ve seen football club supporters take to the streets to celebrate victories. So, apart from the pandemic, are we fighting other pandemics of rule flaunting?

Do you agree with @curlie.png’s video? What did you think of the party? Tell us in the comments!