WATCH: Maltese Man Converts His Sports Car Into a Car-BQ

Alfa Grill

This is Aaron Pisani. As you can probably tell, saying he likes Alfa Romeos is a bit of an understatement.

Aaron Pisani Alfagrill
The man behind the Alfragrill, Aaron Pisani.

The Alfagrill originally was an Alfa Romeo 147. The car was meant to be scrapped, but Aaron decided to try and save it from the scrapyard. He cut off the front, and converted it into a BBQ. He can tow the BBQ anywhere using a standard tow hook.

The AlfaGrill

And it uses an electric motor in order to raise and lower the BBQ. Aaron raises it to make it more comfortable to cook on it, and lowers it in order to close the bonnet.

Ian testing out the raising mechanism on Aaron's Alfagrill.
Ian testing out the raising mechanism on Aaron’s Alfagrill.

The grill itself is a standard gas bbq so that it is cleaner, and there is no need for dumping ash afterwards.

Steak cooking on the Alfagrill.
Steak cooking on the Alfagrill.

The impressive part is that this whole project was completed in 3 months.

Ian enjoying a steak with Aaron Pisani

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