Want to see an Alfa turned into a barbecue? Visit the Gadgets EXPO


Ever wondered how to create a barbecue on wheels? By inserting the grill into a car of course! Come and see Malta’s first CarBQ Alfagrill – a barbecue in a car. The Alfagrill will be on show at the Gadgets EXPO at the MRO between 10-12 May at MFCC in Ta Qali.

So, why should you take the time out to come and see it?

It’s a unique way of barbecuing in the summer

Our friend Aaron purchased his barbecue for summer grilling and realized he wouldn’t enjoy it much in his backyard. So he came up with the great idea of placing his barbecue in his Alfa car. Why? Because he’s an Alfa enthusiast of course!

It’s a barbecue on wheels

We all love a great barbecue in the summer by our beautiful beaches. The Alfagrill can be towed to any desired location.

Plug and Cook

The CarBQ Alfagrill can be plugged into an electrical outlet and it will instantly start cooking. This makes the grill super-efficient and there’s no need for charcoal.

It’s a nifty way of using mechanics

Aaron made use of his engineering skills with a mechanism which allows the barbecue to go in and out of the bonnet. When the bonnet is closed, the barbecue is completely hidden and once opened, it can be elevated for easier cooking.

Come visit the CarBQ Alfagrill this weekend at the Gadgets EXPO.