Vulgar Acts Or Business Opportunities?


Even before COVID-19, the world has been moving more towards subscription-based content. Think Netflix, Spotify, that newsletter you always ignore. It was only a matter of time before the lockdown had people thinking up different ways of making money, and this is where OnlyFans pretty much blew up. Malta’s no stranger to this, with rapper Shyli Rose and partner Jordan Grech launching a joint account, and it’s proved popular too, as they’ve raked in about €1,000 a day so far.

How new is it?

OnlyFans was launched back in 2016, and there’s plenty of safe-for-work content, as chefs, artists, and fitness instructors all share images and videos while maintaining an element of exclusivity for paying fans.

However, there are practically no controls over what material gets posted. And since OnlyFans keeps 20% of what creators earn and so much money coming in from sexual content, there’s little reason for creators to block such material, allowing @MrandMrsJewels to excite paying fans.

What’s the allure of it?

Shlyi and Jordan have said that they were kind of nervous but also confident that the plan would work and that people would want to see their content. If people are willing to pay, there are big bucks for the taking, and the couple have the stones to take the opportunity, then it’s a no-brainer for them.

Fans can also make requests, and provided they’re not too over the top, the couple are happy to engage as long as they’re getting paid for it. Our request? That they get in touch with SexClinicMalta and provide some much-needed education on the subject!

We also got to know that in one of the videos, our own Tina’s voice was playing in the background during The Morning Vibe! It’s always nice to know you’ve got a fan out there, no matter the circumstances.

What do you make of all this? Should they be keeping their personal sex life to themselves, or are they simply making the most of a business opportunity?