Using Pastizzi To Explain Quantum Mechanics


This is another headline to add to the list of “Unexpected Titles of 2021”. Though in no way are we sad to be writing it; on the contrary, we’re looking forward to this one!

Quantum for the public

In an event hosted by the University of Malta’s Physics Department, World Quantum Day will be celebrated through an hour-long Zoom meeting but the best part is that it’s going to be done in a way that’s understandable to the public. So much so, that to give it a full local twist, one of the speakers will explain his bit using our delightful national snack, pastizzi.

In Mr Xuereb’s own words, “It’ll be a brief 10-minute story about what Quantum Computers can do. But it will be set up asking why Tas-Serkin might want to buy a Quantum Computer.” - enjoy pastizzi the all day Maltese street food

If you’re wondering the reply to that question, one possible answer is “so that they can manipulate their food to provide random orders that cost the same amount to drunk people that don’t know what they want.”

How to build a quantum computer • Sacyr

Considering the way science works in movies, where anything that’s too complicated to explain gets filed under “quantum”, it’ll be good if we can gain some understanding of it. Especially if it’s through those rikotta or piżelli-filled delights.

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