UoM Launches Brand New Course That Can Save Lives


When it comes to local science and medical services, Malta’s range of expertise continues to expand, as the University of Malta launches a new Master’s degree in Pharmacotoxicology. This part-time Masters Degree starts next October and addresses numerous rising needs within the medical industry.

How we got to the word

It all starts with toxicology, a scientific study that measures and analyses the nature and effects of all types of poison on humans. Pharmacotoxicology adds up to toxicology by studying the consequences, treatment, and prevention of such toxic substances within the healthcare sector.

Poison? Why should I care?

You should. Hundreds of poison cases are reported each year, resulting in severe effects, with some cases even leading to death. Most cases of poison occur via the very accessible over-the-counter drugs or through illicit ones. Around 10% of the cases see the overdosing related to the ingestion of numerous household-related products, and animal or plant toxins.

Pharmacotoxicology will be a new level of local expertise, that will see the application of studied principles for the treatment of different poisoning cases within the medical industry. That means more prompt action can be taken to counteract the poison damage. More importantly, it means avoiding deaths.

Eligibility and Career Prospects

The course is aimed at medical practitioners, specialist nurses, pharmacists, and all related scientific professionals. Those who graduate from the course can work as advisors, assessors, researchers, manufacturers and advocates against toxins and poisons.

Are you a medical scholar? Or you know someone who might be interested? Check out the course details at UoM.