Unlock & Start Your Car With Your iPhone? App-arently You Can! (Soon)


We’ve seen this meme countless times over the past few weeks, and the only reason it doesn’t get old is because it’s so damn true (why am I this way?)

Thankfully though, the brains over at Apple might take car keys off that list, as they’ve developed a digital key that can both unlock and start your car! Working through Near Field Communication, the first car it will support is the new dashing 2021 BMW 5 Series; however, work is being done to make use of the new U1 chip. This would make the digital key available on an industry-wide scale, instead of relying solely on NFC.

There are various security modes too. “Express mode” means you just need to hold your Apple device close to your door handle. The reader will unlock your vehicle, although you can turn off this feature and have your device ask for facial recognition before opening.

If you’re not the only driver of said vehicle, you can share the digital key via the Messages app, and you can restrict specific parameters too, including acceleration and stereo volume. Further to that, Apple has said in a video that they won’t know who’s driving, ensuring you your due privacy.

“What if my phone dies?” you may be inclined to ask. Well, there’s a power reserve that allows your car to be unlocked up to 5 hours after your phone has taken its vow of silence. The function doesn’t require network connection so even in the depths of a parking complex, you should still be able to drive off into the sunset.

If you’re prone to dropping your phone every now and again, you might want to hold off a little while longer until you establish more control over your dexterity. Or keep the key in your pocket…which kind of defeats the purpose to begin with. In any case, it’s a smart piece of technology that will most probably become the standard in the next few years.

What are your thoughts? Is it safe and secure, or a chance to lose your phone and more? Let us know in the comments, and in the meantime, always remember: phone, wallet, keys and mask.