Unleashing Malta’s Latest Digital Innovations: Revolutionizing Public Services


Malta’s Public Service is spearheading a digital revolution, revolutionizing the way citizens interact with government services. In today’s dynamic digital landscape, they are at the forefront, embracing innovative solutions to enhance convenience and efficiency. Through initiatives like the eCourts app and the National Inventory of Cultural Heritage, the government is simplifying processes and transforming service delivery. 

These digital advancements are reshaping the future of public services in Malta, making interactions with the government easier and more streamlined for citizens. Here are some of their latest initiatives!

The eCourts App

Say hello to the eCourts App, aimed at simplifying court services by transforming the legal landscape between government, citizens, and the legal community. This app is disrupting the norm, offering fast and user-friendly court services that leave the traditional approach in the dust. Through secure logins using eID, registered users gain instant access to case-specific information and documents, unlocking a realm of services including the Insolvency Register, court fine payments, judicial sales, and real-time mobile notifications.

National Inventory of Cultural Heritage: Safeguarding Malta’s Treasures

You can now step into a world where the past comes alive. The National Inventory of Cultural Heritage stands as an unparalleled safeguard, meticulously cataloguing Malta’s precious cultural property. This digital treasure trove is a virtual home to archaeological sites, fortifications, religious buildings, monuments, and beyond. Uniting history enthusiasts and curious explorers, the inventory sparks a newfound appreciation for Malta’s extraordinary heritage. It’s a portal that empowers individuals to delve into the cultural significance of each property, igniting a sense of pride and guaranteeing their preservation for generations to come.

Transforming Fishing Authorisations 

The Public Service of Malta is expected to make waves with this digital solution for issuing seasonal ‘Special Authorisations’ for fishing vessels. Say goodbye to tedious paperwork and endless queues. With the power of a user-friendly mobile app, applying for seasonal “Special Authorizations” has never been easier. Anchored in convenience, this innovative approach saves precious time and money for both applicants and authorities alike.

Revolutionising Farm-to-ARPA Communication: Introducing the Biedjacam Mobile App

The Biedjacam mobile app emerges as yet another game-changer, bridging the gap and fostering seamless connectivity between the Agricultural Regulatory Policy Authority (ARPA) and local farmers. This tool empowers the agency to effortlessly send notices, information requests, and clarifications, all with just a few taps. The app’s functionalities reduce the need for on-site checkschecks as remote satellite imagery takes the reins. Farmers can even submit geotagged photos through the app, revolutionizing verification processes. By embracing technology, the Public Service of Malta wholeheartedly supports farmers while championing sustainable agricultural practices. 

Unlock Your Career with the Government of Malta Recruitment Portal

The Government of Malta Recruitment Portal is rewriting the rules, streamlining hiring processes within the public service. Step into the digital era, where creating electronic profiles, submitting applications, and tracking progress is a breeze from the comfort of your own home. No more paperwork, no more headaches.

Transforming Business Inspections: Introducing the Inspections Online Solution

Gone are the days of multiple inspectorates visiting premises individually, leading to redundancy and wasted resources. Now, a single inspectorate takes charge, conducting on-site inspections and collecting data for all concerned entities. This digital marvel doesn’t just enhance efficiency—it propels the government’s paperless initiatives to new heights. By streamlining inspections, the Public Service of Malta ensures unwavering compliance with laws and regulations, all while alleviating administrative burdens. 

With a relentless focus on convenience and efficiency, the Public Service of Malta has unleashed a digital revolution. As technology evolves, the Public Service of Malta stands ready to embrace the digital frontier, expanding its offerings to optimize day-to-day efficiency in our fast-paced world. Get ready for a future where convenience and heritage preservation intertwine, all at the fingertips of every citizen.