Unleash Your Investigative Skills At Esplora This Halloween!


How would you like to turn into a crime scene investigator this Halloween? Esplora will be giving visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves in a forensic environment and unleash their budding investigative skills, as a CSI-themed event will be held at the science centre during Halloween Week between Friday 28th October and Wednesday 2nd November.

In recent years, forensic science has been made popular by TV dramas such as CSI, as well as top-selling books on the subject, all of which helped solidify CSI-mania around the world.

Wear your investigative hat and step into the world of crime scene investigation!

The specially themed event at Esplora will give visitors the opportunity to wear their investigative hats, step into the world of crime scene investigation, and explore forensic science through different CSI activities that will have the whole family hungry to learn more about this fascinating field.

So when will it all happen? CSI at Esplora: Halloween Week will kick off on Friday 28th October between 6pm and 10.30pm, followed by full days between Saturday 29th October and Wednesday 2nd November (10am till 5pm). Visitors will be given an insight into different crime scenes and learn all about the meticulous details you would need to delve into as an investigator.

CSI at Esplora: Halloween Week promises to be an engaging event, with hands-on activities that will be scattered around the science centre’s exhibit areas. Here’s what you can expect

Fingerprinting station – Someone has left fingerprints at the crime scene! Here you will be able to analyse these fingerprints and match them with those of potential suspects. Will you be able to figure this out?

Chromatography station – Did you know that notes can be analysed in-depth in a way that you’d be able to find out what type of writing tool was used? Learn more about this when visiting this station.

Handwriting analysis station – Do you have what it takes to identify and match the handwriting style used on a note? This station will give you the opportunity to find out who the culprit is!

Fabric analysis station – Evidence can also be collected from fabrics. At this station, you will be able to analyse fabric found at a crime scene. Investigate the fabric under a special microscope to see who is wearing that same material! Could you be step closer to finding out who the guilty person is?

DNA extraction – Most crime scenes offer a source of DNA which can be collected and analysed further.  At this station, we will be exploring methods on how to extract DNA from fruit and vegetables. This method is a simplified but similar-to-real-life DNA extraction.

Toxicology station – Some crime scenes involve poisonous substances. Here we will focus on the analysis of the pH found in several substances. Match and find out what the substance is!

Autopsy lab – Although there hasn’t been an actual murder at our crime scene, we will still be discovering some of the details uncovered by forensic scientists during an autopsy. Here you will be able to learn more about hearts, lungs and other organs.

Do you think you have what it takes to analyse the evidence found and channel the crime scene investigator within?

What are you waiting for? Get hold of your tickets for CSI at Esplora: Halloween Week from https://esplora.org.mt/csi-at-esplora-halloween-week/ No tickets will be sold from the Esplora Reception during the Halloween period.