Two New Facebook Tablets Have Entered The Market, But Are They Truly Worth It?


On 21st September, Mark Zuckerberg revealed two new portable devices via Facebook Live, the Portal Go and the Portal Plus. Is this a sign of Facebook looking to establish itself in the tablet world dominated by Samsung and Apple, or is it just The Zuck showing off the growing department of Facebook devices?

They’re actually decent…

The Portal Go is battery-powered, charging via a small magnetic dock, while the handle on the back makes it easy to carry around the house. The shape, which allows the Portal Go to stand alone, and fabric also have a very homely feel to them, with the neutral colour allowing it to blend in with the rest of the furniture quite easily. With a 10-inch screen, it also takes up very little space.

Facebook releases Portal Go and Portal+, introduces Portal for Business

Google and Amazon smart home apps can also be downloaded onto the device, which also comes with a snappy 12-megapixel camera. A Facebook spokesperson explained that the Portal is meant to be used by everyone in the home. The newly developed Household Mode allows it to act as a computer for the house that can be shared, and anyone can use it to make a call and deliver a unique experience through multiple user support.

This mode allows device owners to decide which apps and contacts can be accessed by the whole family and which can be used only by certain users. That way, it prevents your child from accidentally calling your boss for an unwarranted catch-up.

Facebook unveils a 10-inch portable Portal Go and 14-inch Portal+

Measuring 14-inches, the Portal Plus is a more work-oriented device, given its capability of fitting 25 people in a Zoom call. Both devices share the same 12mp camera that also pans and follows you around the room, but with a bigger screen, the Plus has a better resolution.

Facebook Portal Go, a rival to the Google Nest Hub with a little something  extra

There are, however, issues

For starters, privacy is always questioned when it comes to Facebook and any associated apps and devices. The reason sales have been low for the previous generation of Facebook Portals is two-fold; the first being the chequered history in terms of privacy, and the second being that people simply don’t see Facebook as a hardware company.

Also, you’re probably better off buying a tablet that offers a wider range of apps to download. The prices are around €170 for the smaller Portal Go and approximately €300 for the larger Portal Plus. However, it appears that shipping is limited to certain countries for the time being, which means that you’d also need to factor in courier prices.

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Facebook for work

Facebook does seem to be marketing these devices for business purposes. Companies can purchase these new smart displays in bulk through Facebook for Business, turning Portals into corporate devices.

This would give them features like required password updates and remote wiping and rebooting. Employees can use a Facebook Work account instead of a personal one.

What else we noticed

For one of the richest people on the planet, we actually like the simplicity of Zuckerberg’s kitchen and the easy-access approach for the shelves where plates are stacked. There’s also something else we noticed, and it’s quite literally framed in his eyes.

Though more common are dark circles around the eyes, Zuckerberg’s got white circles. Why? Though not directly addressed, we’re simply guessing that much like Geoff Quattromani, he’s not been taking off his Ray-Ban Facebook glasses too much!

Jokes aside, in his live video, Zuckerberg did mention that these devices and the new devices they’re working on all form part of his vision for the social media “metaverse”. Now while that term might sound fantastical and is probably more linked with Marvel or DC, this would be a virtual space where you can be present with other people. It will all be connected through smart phones, tablets, smart glasses and watches…and who knows what else in the future…

Would you buy one of these devices, or are you not convinced by Facebook’s capabilities and intentions?