Traffic Updates At Your Fingertips With New App


In an effort to further facilitate the commute of those who make use of their private vehicles, many are those who share traffic updates on numerous Facebook and Whatsapp groups or listen closely to radio hosts who frequently update listeners on the situation. However, there’s now a new source that might just be the best solution yet!

Introducing: The MRTU app

The Maltese Roads Traffic Updates app will quickly become your new best friend before embarking upon your journey across the Maltese roads. You’ll receive notifications about any issues you might encounter. Whether that’s accidents, road closures or traffic, you’ll know before starting your engine.

It’s incredibly easy to use and navigate through, and it’s packed with useful functions, apart from the traffic-avoiding measures. Important numbers for healthcare centres in different localities, wardens and civil protection are all listed there. You can also use the app to register a bumper-to-bumper accident and submit the necessary photos, as well as report emissions and other irregularities.

You can play a part too

If you happen to notice that a particular road is quickly becoming congested, or already is for that matter, and the app has not displayed this information, then you can help change that. All you need to do is open the app, tap the ‘Report Traffic‘ button, select what’s causing the issue and submit the report.

The app is available on both Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store, so download it today and make sure to avoid traffic wherever you may be headed!

Keep yourself and others safe, and do not use this app whilst driving.