Top Local CEOs On How To Improve Your Business πŸ“Š


Seeing how to take your business to the next level is the daily goal of any business owner or CEO. In today’s fast-developing world, it’s never an easy task, but how about having two vastly experienced Maltese CEOs explain how to vastly improve your business through Artificial Intelligence?

Changing the face of business

Gege Gatt and Angelo Dalli from and Umnai respectively, are headlining a live online session, where they’ll show just how their award-winning tech shaped their businesses successfully. And it’s all condensed into a one-hour talk on Thursday 3rd June at 6 PM.

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Imagine having software that can automate, improve, simplify and ease almost any process for any business in any industry. That’s the power of AI, and there’s much to learn for entrepreneurs, business leaders and anyone looking to reach the higher echelons of whichever industry they may be in.

If you can’t make it, you can submit your details and not only will you receive a recording of this event, you’ll also get the deets of the next webinar! To register, just click here.

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