Top 5 Google Chrome Extensions For Teachers & Students


With online schooling becoming more common, we took a look at various education-based extensions on Google Chrome that can be of use to both teachers and students. From language checks to concentration boosters, here’s the list!

1. Grammarly

Yes, you might be exhausted from all the YouTube ads, but Grammarly is actually a pretty useful tool. It checks spelling and grammar in ways the MS Word can’t, whether you’re handing out assignments or completing them. Trust us, Grammarly’s one extension you surely want.

2. Just Read

A reader viewer app that removes the visual noise from web pages, Just Read is an extension that blocks ads, pop-ups and comments. No getting side-tracked from research by clickbait, it’s a highly useful app that doesn’t collect any data on users either.

3. Stay Focused

How many times have teachers or parents said this? What Stay Focused does is limit the amount of time a student can stay on time-wasting websites. You pick a time it locks sites down or have it lock down certain websites. So, if Facebook is the problem, a student can tell StayFocusd to turn off the app while it’s time to study.

4. Insert Learning

Most of us will remember adding sticky notes to book pages, but Insert Learning does more than allow the reader to add notes to the webpage they’re on. Teachers can insert questions, discussions into any website, and students can respond to these and add their own notes. Basically, it turns websites into interactive learning experiences.

5. Noisli

The increased activity of working, studying and generally living at home since we’re not going out as much leads to increased noise. This is where Noisli comes in. It’s a background sound library that they can either choose from or upload their own sounds. So for creativity and/or concentration boosting, teachers and students should add this to their extension list.

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