Tinder for Jobs: Swipe Right on your New Career!


The job market has taken a significant hit for reasons you’re probably sick of hearing about. Yes, due to COVID-19. Although things had previously taken a turn for the better, the current situation isn’t starting to look as positive as it once was. But where there’s struggle, there are great minds coming up with new ideas. Let being stuck inside your home with nothing but yourself and your thoughts (and crying babies, maybe) to get you thinking about new ideas and ventures.

What Vacancy founded by James Attard

Rachel Cachia Interviewing James Attard

James Attard did just that. Using the basis and research from his previously finished dissertation, he created a system where job finders and employers alike can be part of a system that helps connect the right people, to the right jobs, with the right skills. Using James’ analogy, it’s essentially “Tinder for employees”. That’s right, you might not be swiping right based on looks, but you’ll be hitting send for the right skills!

Gadgets and TechMT have teamed up once again to speak to the startup company What Vacancy that has sought the expertise and advice of entities like TechMT themselves, and Malta Enterprise. The technology side of things can prove to be an exhausting task when you’re up against a tech world that’s constantly changing. When it came to implementing the proper artificial intelligence (AI) to match the right job seekers to the right companies, and also when it came to payment systems to allow for premium features.

What Vacancy involves the storing of personal information, of course to properly assess and match correctly, but it’s more complicated than that. What Vacancy complies with GDPR rules and regulations and makes sure that any personal information is not released to just anyone. Job seekers are completely anonymous to all companies, including the one they’re
already working with should that be the case, until they confirm they want to make contact with one another, then there’s the relaying the information. This safeguards both parties and gives both of them peace of mind when using the website.

TechMT has guided the company into proper implementation of the resources and systems they want to use. TechMT’s constant dedication to local talent and the support given to local startups helps strengthen Malta’s local tech infrastructure, making it an attractive platform for foreign start-up companies to base themselves on.

Tech Companies’ Ease of Internationalisation

Dana Farrugia, CEO of Tech.mt

TechMT’s CEO Dana Farrugia joined the conversation on this startup expressing her belief that it’s much easier for startups in the tech sector to internationalize their business, especially if done the right way. With the proper tools, contacts, and infrastructure, What Vacancy could be, and wants to be, a name synonymous with job seeking in Malta, and around the world.

Tech.mt Success Story | EP 3 | WhatVacancy