TikToker Finds A Crawler: Why You Should Keep Your Tech Clean


TikTok user TheBomb602 filmed his experience cleaning out tech brought to him by his clients. They complained that their computers, consoles and laptops were experiencing technical issues, like overheating, CD drives not working, and even electrical shorts. The tech he had to clean was absolutely filthy, yet he still found the humour in his situation by providing hilarious commentary.

The video can be seen here (WARNING: Use of expletives in the video):

So how and why on earth do these six-legged monsters get into our gaming consoles? Well, it’s no secret that roaches are attracted to heat, but they are also drawn towards dark and closed interiors, and the damaged tech in this video provide this in abundance. The vent ports in consoles and even laptops provide easy entry for them and all their brown buddies to join. If these insects touch electrical components, as well as getting fried inside your PS4, they could also damage components, forcing you to shell out cash for possibly costly repairs.

Source: ComputersByte! LLC

Since Malta has quite a significant roachy presence, we would recommend leaving your consoles in elevated areas and, if possible, even enclosing your consoles in mosquito netting to prevent access.

Source: Indy100

Even more worrying is the fact that he found roaches….INSIDE LAPTOPS! The small, dark and hot confined areas in your laptop are a five-star hotel to these repulsive bugs. We carry these around with us every day, essentially making us public transport for the ones already inhabiting our portable computers. Think about it… are you reading this article from your laptop right now?

We often take our tech for granted, and activities like washing and cleaning aren’t generally associated with technology. A few good habits are all it takes to avoid having a shocking surprise crawling around inside your PS4.

No, this is NOT tech support…