TikTok Reaches 1 Billion Global Users, But What About Malta & Local TikTokers?


As September came to a close, TikTok closed in on and soon eclipsed the one billion user mark, which is some achievement, considering that it’s not been around for as long as Facebook, which took eight years to reach that landmark. Though there’s still some way for TikTok to reach Facebook’s 2.89 billion total, it’s entirely possible that it could reach and beat that too eventually.

Since we’re in the numbers game, we decided to do some digging and see some of the more interesting stats behind Malta’s TikTok population. Here are the three best stats we came across!

Most of Malta’s on TikTok

Malta’s estimated population is around 500,000, and there are approximately 340,000 TikTok users in Malta right now; that’s like 68% of the country! The interesting thing is that, according to the data source, TikTok users in Malta are expected to go down by a couple of thousand users by 2025.

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People are certainly not losing interest in the app, but the loss could relate to people leaving the island to try their fortunes elsewhere. It’s more likely that pre-30-year-olds would move country, which is also the age group with the most TikTok users.

Malta’s top TikTokers

The five most popular Malta-based TikTokers rack up an impressive estimated 5.5 million followers in total, but the biggest contributor is of course Henry Galea with five million followers alone. His ridiculously impressive and occasionally hilarious uploads have done more than just regale him with a fantastic audience; he’s also on his way to Clubhouse LA!

And for a country of Malta’s size, the subsequent four TikTokers most certainly deserve praise for their efforts too. Many of them have “Like” totals of over one million, a sure sign that local content creation is in good health.

The search for “Malta”

How many times have you been on holiday when a passerby asks what language you happen to be speaking, at which point you have to explain what Maltese is, what and where Malta is? It could be that those moments are occurring less due to the number of views the term “Malta” has been viewed on TikTok; a staggering 1.3 billion times!

Whether it’s people who were holidaying in Malta, local creators gaining international recognition, or other TikTokers trying their hand at our local alphabet, Malta’s certainly making waves on the social media platform.

What stats would you like to know about Malta? Tell us in the comments & we’ll see if we can dig it up!