TikTok: Coming Soon To A TV Near You


Should sites like Netflix and YouTube be worried by such a headline? Actually, yes. There’s no doubt that TikTok has monopolised the short-video market, and if it makes a transition to TV, that’s millions of eyes taken away from those two heavyweights.

What’s the big deal?

TikTok have signed up with Samsung to roll out an app initially in Europe and the UK. YouTube will surely be looking over their shoulder. If they thought they’d only be fighting streaming services, there’s now another party entering the fray. They’re well funded, relevant and highly motivated to keep expanding too.

Only Samsung would do

There are plenty of decent TV brands that TikTok could take their pick from, but Samsung represents a very wise choice. Close to half of Samsung smart TV app users access YouTube on their TVs. This means that TikTok is targeting some of the most avid online content consumers using TV, so it looks like a masterstroke.

Will you watch TikTok content on your TV, or will you keep it more traditional? Let us know in the comments!