This Summer’s 5 Must-Have Apps In Malta


This summer may be considered the strangest we’ve ever experienced. Regardless of whether you are choosing to stay home or whether you plan on going out, here are the top five applications you should download this summer! 

1. SunSense

Don’t we all love to get a tan in summer? Albeit, we are all aware of the long-term damage spending hours in the sun could do to our skin. SunSense, an android application that can either be used alongside a sun sensor or simply your phone, advises you what to wear and when to put sunscreen on. You just have to tell the app at what time you plan on being outside! If the sunscreen at your disposal is not enough to protect you, SunSense will advise you to seek shade. In order to get more accurate advice from this app, simply input your location, how much tan you currently have, and what kind of surface you’ll be on. 

2. WhichBeach 

This application is essential for all beach lovers! How many times have you driven all the way to a beach, only to find out the wind has blown all trash ashore? This app lets you know which beaches are ideal to swim in on the day by grading each beach from 1-100. 

3. Gozo Channel

The authorities have advised us to act as tourists in our own country this summer. Consequently, we will probably be visiting our gorgeous sister island more often. There’s only one thing we all dread about going to Gozo – Ferry queues and missing the ferry by seconds. The Gozo Channel App shows you the time left for the next ferry to leave and the full schedule of the current season, ensuring you won’t miss the ferry! The application itself detects which terminal you will be using and the current season, so you won’t have to worry about selecting these yourself. This app is available on both iOS and Android!

4. AlcoTrack

AlcoTrack App

A study published in the Journal of Studies on alcohol suggested that people drink more during the summer months. This coincides with the time we show off the summer bodies we worked for in winter time… and we all know these two are not exactly compatible. AlcoTrack is a Blood Alcohol Calculator app that tracks your blood alcohol level that approximately substitutes a breathalyzer. Simply input information on the drinks you have into the application and it does the rest for you. It even gives you an estimation of when you are going to be sober again!

5. Streaks

In the blazing summer heat getting anything done is much MUCH harder! Streaks helps you build and sustain good habits to reach your long-term goals. This application tracks when you’ve completed the tasks you set yourself – and reminds you everyday to do those you tend to forget, ensuring you don’t break the chain of habits leading to your goals. Maybe some of us will manage to get those chiseled abs this summer!

Which one will you be trying first?