This NGO is Refurbishing Old Devices For Students in Need


We all have those bulky laptops or glitchy tablets that just sit around and take up space in our drawers – but what if you could actually do something great with them?

Introducing ‘Your Device – Your Right’, a local scheme set up by the Malta Trust Foundation that takes old devices, and refurbishes them for students who don’t afford them in a bid to bridge the digital divide. Not only does this aim to help decrease waste and increase the recycling rate of devices, but it ensures that no one falls behind from their education.

Why Was This Scheme Set Up?

Thanks to the infamous COVID pandemic, academic education had to take on new digital heights as teachers and students adapted to online learning. However, in a survey held last year, it was found that over 5,000 children did not have access to laptops, desktop computers, or tablets to be able to follow classes and do their homework. This scheme is trying to change that. 

Who Can Benefit From This Scheme?

Any student of any age can benefit from Your Device – Your Right, so long as they’re still studying: whether they’re in Primary School or sitting for their degree at University.

These students are referred to from teachers, headmasters, and social workers to ensure that these second-hand devices are going to those in need. The devices are then pushed to be returned after the students manage to get their certification to help other students.

So instead of selling or throwing away your old devices this holiday season, donate them for a good cause. Both laptops and tablets are accepted, and they don’t even have to be fully functional.

If you have a device you’d like to donate, send an email to