This Local Hero Continues the Wave of Change


One brave local hero is attempting to raise sea pollution awareness in a not so traditional way!

Can you imagine waking up at 1am on a Friday morning? Swimming for 9 hours and doing the same thing again on a Saturday?! This is just what Neil Agius has been doing for the last few months to prep himself to swim 100km from Malta to Sicily and back. Madness to some, heroic to others. 

As we write this article, Neil is already on his way back to Malta following a 5.15am early morning start. The swimmer has reached Punta di Braccetto, Ragusa on the Southern coast of Sicily and is making his way back. 

Neil’s Location at 12:30pm

Why would someone put themselves through such a challenge?!

Neil Agius is doing this in order to raise awareness and educate people especially children about the harmful impact sea pollution has on marine life. 

What is Wave of Change?

Wave of Change came about with the idea for everyone to pick up 3 pieces of trash and use the hashtag #waveofchange. This empowers people to take action by seeing the extraordinary challenge that this group takes on. 

The aim for Neil is to encourage youths to be the change and to take action – a little goes a long way and hopes that sea pollution will begin to diminish.  
The mission set by World of Change is to encourage everyone to be a hero in their everyday life. 

By challenging himself to the max, enduring major sacrifices with hard work and dedication to reach an impressive Superhuman goal – Neil will be doing a 100km swim. That’s the equivalent of doing a half marathon 4 times, but swimming!

Neil Agius, we’ve got our doubts you’re human, and not entirely sure if you might be part fish but whatever you are you’re certainly a local hero. Well done and we really hope this raises enough awareness and motivates others to take more action in reaching the goal for cleaner seas. You have our 100% support.