This award-winning electric car will BLOW YOUR MIND!


Going green has never been more fashionable and Jaguar’s first fully electric car – I-Pace is a great way of going green, stylishly. With three car world awards under its belt – 2019 Car of the Year, 2019 World Car Design of the Year and 2019 World Green Car, it’s no wonder that this new beauty is gaining traction. So, aside from its sleek design and environmentally friendly composition, what else makes this car so great?

Has an overall performance of 400 bhp

With two engines of 200 bhp located at the front and rear of the car, it’s no wonder that Jaguar’s latest sporty gadget is making some noise – its motors are the same as those used in Formula 1. This guarantees a top performance of 400 bhp.

Friendly on the environment

Going green can be done effortlessly. With Jaguar’s sleek design you can help reduce the levels of air pollution emitted by cars and look trendy while you do it. You can even pre-set your car temperature with a timer without worrying about fuel consumption.

Save money

Having an electric car entitles you to benefits such as tax reductions and free charging facilities. In fact, a full battery will provide you with 400km which in Malta will keep you going for up to a week without requiring a re-charge.

Naught to 100km in just 4 seconds

This electric car will impress you with its super acceleration reminiscent of Classic Car movies. So, if you ever wanted to get a real feel of Need for Speed, the Jaguar I-Pace will certainly do the trick.

Luxurious look and feel

If being economical and environmentally friendly weren’t enough, the I-Pace immerses you in luxury with its leather seats, four display screens and a variety of drive mode settings. It even has a SIM card slot so you can be connected wherever you are.

So where can I book my test drive?

Come check out this snazzy car at the Jaguar open weekend between 25th and 27th October. To book a test drive for the ride of a lifetime or for more information visit here or visit the Jaguar showroom at Muscat Motors, Rue D’Argens, Gzira.