This New App Will Translate Your Cats Meows!

Images: / MeowTalk

If your COVID companion is a 4-legged fluffball, then this is the app for you. Actually, it will remain the app for you once we get through this mess too. Developed by a former Amazon Alexa engineer, this app can translate your cat’s meows, and here’s how it’s done.

Fact: each cat is unique

You’ve probably been telling yourself that for a long time, and it’s true. Research shows that cats do not have a common language. Each meow differs from feline to feline, so the app will have a catalogue of meanings for each respective cat. MeowTalk records sound, and then attempts to match the definition to a phrase. It’s available free on Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

At the moment, there are 13 translations in the app’s vocabulary including: “Feed me!”, “I’m angry!” and “Leave me alone!” but there’s a target the developers are aiming for.

Cat-to-human comms

That’s right, the end goal is to develop a collar that can accurately translate what cats are telling us. The app’s artificial intelligence will fine-tune its deductions over time as it continues to learn. You can also help if you recognise that a particular meow has been mistranslated (you know your little tiger more than anyone or anything after all), by correcting the translation accordingly.

A word of advice though: the app is still in a developmental phase, so there may be miscommunications. Think of it as an app with which to have some fun with your furry friends, although they might always remain the lovable enigmas we can’t live without.

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