This 90s Air Malta Postcard Is A Fitting Throwback Ahead Of The Tourist Season Reopening


With 70% of Maltese adults vaccinated and the 1st of July set to mark the real reopening of the Maltese tourism industry, it’s easy to look to the future and forget where we’re coming from, especially from years gone by. However, a local aviation enthusiast uncovered a 1994 postcard showing Air Malta and MIA in a different light and seemingly from another lifetime!

The Jumbolino

In a LinkedIn post, aviation correspondent and flight instructor Chris Cauchi uncovered the memorabilia piece showcasing an RJ70 9H-ACM aeroplane, one of four in the fleet back then. The photo, taken by Air Malta’s then official photographer Gino Galea, shows the plane, affectionately known as “The Jumbolino”, slowing down in front of MIA’s relatively new terminal.

The reverse side of the postcard shared details of the plane’s dense short-haul and lean medium-haul capabilities. Dated September 1994, we’re sure plenty of readers will remember embarking on these types of aircraft.

With news now confirming that the UK has added Malta to its green list of safe countries to visit in relation to the pandemic, the island is looking to recoup some of the losses suffered in terms of tourist numbers over the past year or so. Though times, planes, trends and façades have changed over the years, it’s always good to see how far we’ve come in just under 30 years!

Is Malta ready for the reopening of the tourism industry?