These Face Masks Protect You & Channel Your Inner Daft Punk 🎧


Masks have become part of the norm, though of course we’re looking forward to the day we rip them off once and for all. At first, we were content with simple cloth masks, but then we wanted more comfort. Then logos. Then full-on patterns. This mask though, takes all of these, and goes one better – it protects your identity.

Just leave me be…

Meet Blanc, a face-covering mask that allows you to look out, and no one to look in. It’s perfect for introverts who want to go about their day in peace, or for your next costume party. Or Daft Punk cosplay.

The project is available for preorder from Kickstarter, and ships worldwide, though it will be February-March when they become more widely available. Chuck in a pair of noise-cancelling headphones and enjoy a blissfully uninterrupted day.

Can you see yourself wearing this type of mask, or is it way over the top? Let us know in the comments!

Gadgets will always advise readers to invest in such gadgets carefully, and if you’re not sure about the specs, consult a doctor.