There’s A Way To Game & Gamble Responsibly: Here’s How!


Unlike a night in binge-watching Netflix, gambling carries an inherent built-in risk. Unfortunately, you’re more likely to lose than win over time, but despite popular belief, there is actually a safer approach to gambling.

Malta’s Responsible Gaming Foundation shows gaming and gambling enthusiasts how to participate responsibly, and how to stop when they need to in order to avoid possible repercussions like debt, regret, shame, and falling out with loved ones.

The Foundation (RGF) thrives to raise awareness about the pros and cons of console gaming, gambling and iGaming (remote gambling), whilst also providing support to those problem gamers and gamblers – or addicts – to combat reckless excessiveness. RGF seeks and manages funding from such industries, as well as the government and other channels, to fund projects for support and preventative measures.

By rolling out a handful of strategies, RGF helps to improve responsible gaming and gambling so that enthusiasts can play safe while still having fun and enjoying other benefits that come part and parcel with these activities, like making new connections, and developing personal and social skills.

So, what does it mean to gamble responsibly? Gambling responsibly means taking frequent breaks, not using gambling as a source of income, only gambling with money that you can actually afford to lose, and setting your own time and monetary limits.

And sure, gambling can be a fun form of entertainment, but it’s crucial to consider it in the same way that you would purchase a movie ticket or going to a fair. It may be thrilling throughout the experience, and if you happen to win something extra, that’s great – but the point is to enjoy the experience behind it in a balanced way.

However, RGF is also equipped to provide the necessary support and advice to problem gamblers and/or gamers while maintaining proper confidentiality. They offer a supportline, an online chatline, and even have a system where gamblers can self-exclude themselves for periods of time both remotely and also from licensed land-based gambling parlours.

Problem gamblers can also opt for an indefinite option when it comes to land-based self-exclusion that enables them to eliminate themselves for an indefinite period of time from all local casinos, gambling parlours, and bingo halls that are licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority. This is possible if the gambler presents a valid medical certificate to the Foundation’s agents at application stage.

If you or anyone you know is struggling with a gambling or gaming addiction, reach out to RGF’s supportline on 1777, or contact them anonymously through their chatline on