The Techlist for Father’s Day


Father’s Day is fast approaching, so we’ve gone ahead and made a list of practical gadgets that’ll make The Man proud. This list will save you precious research time, which is practical in itself. Purpose served. Time to grab a beer. 

1. Growling Danger 

Speaking of beer, if you ever felt that you can’t enjoy a nice cold one everywhere, the solution is here. uKeg GO is a carbonated growler that allows you to carry almost 2L of carbonated goodness, wherever you may be. Danger averted. 

2. Lighten up… 

A portable battery charger for emergencies is one thing, but a battery charger with in-built flashlight is next-level DadTech. This one by Jackery also falls within the 100Wh limit and can be carried in your hand luggage on your next flight…whenever that may be. 

3. Wine not? 

For the wine-buff Dad with a stash of wines gathering age and dust, we give you Coravin. Piercing the wine bottle’s cork, it allows you to pour out as much wine as required, replacing the new air- space created with argon, keeping the wine fresh. When you pull it back out the cork re-seals, so the wine can return to its rightful place, unharmed and dreaming of its next outing. 

4. Bring out the Beast 

If dad’s the BBQ King, he’s going to need these. The Grill Beast Shredder Claws are purpose-built for shredding meat, producing a perfect pulled-meat finish. Look here for the gadget, and here for recipes. If forks are in short supply, he can eat Wolverine-style. 

5. Close at Hand 

Is Dad part of The Great Fixers Brigade? Then he’ll love the RAK Magnetic Wristband. It’s what the name says (just how dads like it), offering a third helping hand to keeps nails, screws and drill bits close by. 

6. Substance Always Wins 

There’s something about substance over style in some cases, no less than when it comes to safety. This tactical wallet (yes, that’s a thing) not only puts the two together, it has space for up to 10 credit cards and has two built-in RFID cards for safety. You also get a paracord lanyard, pry bar and an attachment point for added security. 

7. Old-School 

A famous man once said, “There’s no school like the old school, and I’m the headmaster.” The same can be said about the ever-stoic Leatherman Multi-tool. Comes with a 25-year guarantee and all the tools a man will need in one gadget. As they say, “A tool is just a tool until you need it”. 

8. Drinks Out of this World

Fancy taking a sip out of every country? Get your hands on this decanter set, which will have you gently spinning. The map-like print decanter comes with two matching glasses, because the best drinks are those shared, especially with the old man. Whiskey stones are also perfect to complete the gift, in case you want to keep the precious liquid at just the right temperature for the summer months. 

So, what do you think? Let us know if we’ve missed anything in the comments below! And don’t forget to buy a Father’s Day card. 

Bonus Product:

For its many uses and brilliant commercial, check out FiberFix. You’re welcome.