The Software Recognising The Maltese Language


How many times have we laughed at Google Assistant or Siri for trying to understand the Maltese language? A Maltese engineer, Edward Apap, may have just set the Maltese language onto a trajectory of Google-recognition with his latest creation.

How it works

Though currently in a preview state, as stated on the website, there’s already plenty of promise. As expected, you need to speak with a clear voice and close to the microphone for the best results. Our first test was “Din l-applikazzjoni għadha qed titgħallem“, which resulted in the below.

After revising the choice of words, from “app” to “software”, the transcription was correct.

And that’s where the nature of machine learning lies. The more people use it, the more it can pick up on linguistic nuances, common words (we’re looking at you “mela“) and phrases to better understand what we mean. So, go ahead, share this article, and who knows, maybe Maltese can be added to home assistant devices!

And of course, we couldn’t depart without sharing the obvious truth…

Is it about time that the Maltese language gets the recognition it deserves?