The Platform Celebrating Maltese History Through Old Photos


Have you ever wanted to travel back in time? Or maybe take a journey into a photograph? Though time machines are (so far) myths, local initiative, aptly named, Magna Żmien (translation: time machine) is doing its best to do take us through time, back to the days of black and white photography in Malta, where life was just as colourful, if not more so!

Preserving memories

Magna Żmien is a project dedicated to preserving audio-visual collections from days gone by. By digitising these collections, we’ll have access to a treasure trove of memories that otherwise would have simply turned to dust. Many of the videos, photographs and sometimes evens songs are shared via Facebook, Instagram and their website, where more info is always available.

While it’s a nice touch for families to have access to the way their ancestors lived life, it’s also great for researchers and artists looking to dig up more about how life was in the past, and inspire them onto greater things.

Stories told from collections

Committed to sharing the stories they collect with the public, Magna Żmien catalogues them into various series. It’s a fantastic celebration of local history, taking us back to a moment frozen in time and a culture that appears so far away from our own, yet strangely familiar.

It serves as a lovely trip down memory lane, and with the digital vaccine certificate allowing residents at homes for the elderly to have private visits with fully vaccinated relatives, it might also be great to share this with our elderly relatives…who knows, they might spot someone they know!

Recognize anyone you know, or who has a collection of old photos and videos? Tag them and get sharing with Magna Żmien today!