The New Platform Empowering Malta’s Sustainability


Over the next 30 years, the EU’s main aim will be to ensure its members are as energy-efficient and sustainable as possible. Given the importance of this task, there have been plenty of initiatives and startups embracing this positive change, which is why Green Deal Malta was set up to act as a one-stop information point for all things green on this island.

Who’s who

The website acts as a database and information hoard of green policies, initiatives, and entities that take it upon themselves to ensure they too act sustainably. However, as director Gayle Kimberly says in her introduction, “it is close to impossible to follow and keep tabs of all this work and the myriad of stakeholders involved”.

With Green Deal, work done by stakeholders such as ministries, public departments, NGOs, private entities and individuals will be showcased. This way, it’s easier to identify the people pushing the green revolution forward.

Sustainability in Malta

The EU Commission says that the starting point to implement sustainable development across Europe is the energy, buildings, transport and industry sectors.

A Green Deal for Malta should take the EU Commission’s cue and begin with a short-term vision focussing on the 4 main polluting sectors identified by the EU Commission with the aim to:

  • Generate and source cleaner energy.
  • Make existing buildings efficient and build more efficient new ones.
  • Implement cleaner and cheaper transport.
  • Incentivise industry to use more recycled materials.

This would be the start of a Green Deal for Malta.

Do you agree with these points?