The Meme Is Risen: Return Of The Pope


If you’re easily offended, look away now. If you’re after a bit of un-holy fun, you’ve come to the right place. Twitter’s new tile format has allowed a dormant meme to rise again, Lazarus-style. These are our favourites, but if you’ve got some hot stuff not seen here, please share your heresy with us.

Baby Yoda FTW

Honestly, almost anything with Baby Yoda in it can be considered a win.

One ring…

Pope, meet Precious. Precious, meet Pope.

Circle of Life

The circle of life: either die unknown or live long enough to see yourself become a meme.

The face you make

Honestly, if I were a millionaire, I’d invest in a bubblewrap room.

The more the merrier

Meet the Russian doll of memes.

90s kids will remember

Does anyone still use these? Do you still remember how to fold them? Did they ever come true? We want answers!


Fake laughter hiding real pain on this one…

Someone had to say it

If whoever posted “this is not funny” thought they’d get off lightly, someone remind them: this is the Internet.

No one is safe, nothing is sacred, everything is a meme waiting to happen.