The MASP’s 2020 Awards Go To…


The Malta Architecture & Spatial Planning Awards were held recently, and in an event held online, there were plenty of worthy winners. The list of winners can be found on the Planning Authority’s Facebook page, but from the Gadgets side, we’ve singled out a couple whose projects we loved…


Sustainability is a subject that here at Gadgets is close to heart. To see this project by MED Design use indigenous trees, retain the original concrete structure and use solar orientation to avoid excessive heat gain to truly embrace the idea of sustainability was heartening. Now, if everyone would keep this in mind for future projects, that would be great…

Rising star?

If you’re good enough, you’re old enough is an adage people should take more seriously. In this case, University student Daniela Spiteri Binett won the Urban Planning Concept Award for her idea titled “A Village Amidst The Landscape”. It incorporates a vision to reconnect Baħar iċ-Ċagħaq with the sea through the use of collaborative design. Spatially integrating outlying urban settlements via underground links, her work showcases how civil engineering can have a positive social impact by promoting better links and a healthier lifestyle. Someone worth keeping an eye on for the future?

Rehab’s a good thing

There’s something inherently fascinating when seeing an old dilapidated building transform into a work of art. That’s exactly what Camilleri Paris Mode did with Villa La Fiorentina, earning them the Rehabilitation and Conservation Award. The restoration of the local limestone was sensitively carried out, while the historical features were retained. It’s definitely a project that many can learn from!

Could these awards inspire the next generation to chase sustainability more than ever?