The Maltese Social Media Stars Going Global


There’s a common misconception, that probably quite a few of us are guilty of, that being Maltese limits us in some way. Local TikTokers Henry Galea, Jade Sammut and Sarah Grech, however, are showing us that pretty much anything is possible if you really hone your craft!

What’s the big news?

The three TikTok artists will be visiting Milan’s version of Clubhouse, Defhouse. The Maltese content creators will be staying at the Milan venue until Monday 15th February, joining their Italian counterparts for some fresh international collaborations.

Of course, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. It’s worth remembering that not too long ago, Henry was invited to go live full-time at the Clubhouse branch in Los Angeles, USA, having just amassed 600,000 followers.

Now, he stands at 1 million, so who’s to say what his limits, and the girls’, are? It’s easy to simply put it down to luck, but evidently, it’s not the case. The trio are simply bearing the fruits of months and months of hard work, perfecting their talents in front of the camera.

There’s a good reason not everyone’s making the same waves that they are, and we wish them all the luck in the future!