The Maltese Info Portal Helping Protect Us Against Scams & Fraud


Though it might not be doing the actual protecting per se, Ġemma is a government-supported portal sharing knowledge on scams and frauds. Though there’s much more to Ġemma (they also offer sound financial advice) they recently shared their 3rd Little Black Book of Scams & Frauds!

You can find Part 1 here, and Part 2 here.

What to look out for

Together with the eSkills Malta Foundation, Ġemma detailed the tell-tale signs of an incoming scam or fraudulent act. They also came up with the 10 commandments of protecting yourself against such actions, with advice ranging from not agreeing to anything immediately to only paying online through secure methods. It’s well worth a read and is easy to follow for people of all ages.

If you are a victim of a scam or fraud, you should immediately speak to your bank and report the matter to the Cyber Crime Unit at the Malta Police Force at or 2294 2231/2