The Maltese Chef Behind The World’s First Robotic Kitchen


How many times have you arrived home after a long day, and just thought “Well, what fuark am I going to cook now?” That question is about to be answered, and you don’t even need to raise a finger. Nicole Pisani, a Maltese chef based in the UK has helped create the world’s first robotic consumer kitchen that prepares your meals for you, and here’s what’s cooking.

5,000 recipes to choose from

Together with 2011 Master Chef winner Tim Anderson and fellow chef Andrew Clarke, Pisani helped create 30 recipes to start off with, and new recipes will be added every month. Eventually, there will be a total of around 5,000 recipes to choose from, so you’ll be spoilt for choice!

The chefs’ cooking techniques were captured in 3D and “translated into elegant digital movement using bespoke algorithms”, as explained by Russian mathematician and computer scientist Mark Oleynik. You’ll also have the option to record and add your own favourite dishes, as the robot carries out movements like a cook would.

How NOT to make bread

Before food prep, you’ll be warned if ingredients are running low, and the robotic human-like hands picks up food from the fridge and chuck them in the pots and pans accordingly. Better yet, not only will the robot cook your meals for you, it’ll also clean up after. Check it out in action below.

Nice, but what’s the price?

And here, the penny drops. Literally. For now, it costs as much as a house, priced at over €270,000 although the cost is expected to drop over time. Other models will eventually be in production, and will be available at much lower prices.

Also, “The future is served” is a fantastic catchphrase and deserves maximum respect.

Would you want this robot to help you out in the kitchen, or do you still want to be in charge?