The Maltese Bank Helping You Be Energy Efficient


By now it’s an established fact that sustainability is sexy, and there are plenty of reasons why. Apart from reducing your carbon footprint on the world, creating less waste and enjoying favourable tariffs, Bank of Valletta now also offers a pretty good loan deal for your green home projects!

The Personal Energy loan

The loan will cover the installation and external connectivity equipment and fixture costs of renewable/sustainable energy tech. This includes PV panels, solar water collectors, insulation and electric vehicle household charging stations among others. You may also invest in related Renewable Energy that’s not connected to your residential property.

The benefits

There’s more than just favourable repayment terms though, as there’s the repayment programme that can be extended up to 15 years. This time span depends on the lifespan of the equipment installed, but it’s still pretty good. No collateral or contribution is required, there are no processing or early repayment fees. Apart from the 2.5% per year interest rate, there’s an interest rate subsidy of 2.0% per year for the first three years.

The future?

So, is this the start of a real green revolution in Malta? There have been plenty of initiatives across the island, now hopefully the general population becomes more accepting of them.

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