The Malta-Based Academy Pushing E-Learning To New Heights


Whether through circumstance or design, online learning is a trend that has been picking up plenty of traction. The efficacy and adaptability of e-learning makes it highly appealing for plenty of people, even before the pandemic struck. We spoke with Stephen D’Alessandro from Advenio Academy to provide some context to the value of online learning.

Use tools for their intended purpose

In response to the COVID-19 restrictions, apps like Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet have been used to create virtual classrooms overnight. As Mr D’Alessandro put it, “Like any tool,” he explained, “they can be used or misused. Transferring a three-hour classroom lecture to an online video conference platform is not making the best use of this tool for online learning. In reality, they are powerful video conferencing tools and have really had a great impact.” However, these were not designed to be dedicated learning platforms to handle various learning objects and evaluation processes.

“Communication is only a small part of e-learning. We make use of self & collaborative learning tools that a student can use independently or together with the teacher.”

Some schools use different platforms for different purposes; communication as mentioned above, other apps for homework and other for student evaluation. However, there are programs that allow students and teachers alike to use integrate all of the above into one central hub.

As Mr D’Alessandro explained, “E-learning platforms now use web-based systems, where the material is constantly accessible and whatever needs to be added can be added easily, making it a virtual campus.”

Being practical

During our talk, the point of having some form of practical lesson was raised. Saying that all lessons are held online is one thing; but what about where practice is needed above and beyond theory?

Where live interaction in a lab is needed, there are online options to facilitate and improve the on-site experience which cannot be replaced. Depending on the investments made, there might be a VR opportunity. So, the real limit is how much the institution is prepared to invest in online assets and how far the students are willing to push themselves. As Stephen put it, “education provides you with different opportunities in life – investing in yourself and your education is a very wise decision as this keeps opening doors for you.”

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