The Local Podcast With A Focus On Real Estate


The local podcast spectrum is growing rapidly, in both quantity and quality and the one that caught our eye recently is, quite literally, hot property. Dardingli is a real estate-focused podcast and takes to the airwaves every other week or so, but what topics are they discussing?

For sellers, buyers and agents

The podcast aims to educate all stakeholders in the property industry. Some episodes will feature tips and tricks on how to be the best property agent you can be; others on how the industry is central to Malta’s GDP. However, the most recent podcast really caught our eye.

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In episode number four, Dardingli speaks with Mario Fenech, Founder and CEO of Daforte Real Estate, where they discuss the common mistakes made by first-time home buyers. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Fenech is a sage voice to listen to, especially when the prospect of becoming a homeowner for the first time can be so daunting for so many.

This is part of the allure of podcasts, both for listeners as well as producers and brands. For listeners, it’s a great way of learning more directly from a trusted source, and you’re still able to multitask and go about your business. For the brands producing these types of podcasts, it’s an all-new way of interacting with their audience and getting so much more value, rather than spending tons of money for lower engagement.

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