The Lista We All Need During Quarantine!


The coronavirus pandemic led to many businesses having to shut their doors and suffer a lack of business. Delivery being the only option left and we have seen many restaurants and retail shops taking advantage of this opportunity.

Enter lista mt, a newly listed Maltese online registry which gives all of us stuck at home a place shop for whatever you need from your living room. has been launched by NIU a company which aims to help motivate and support Maltese brands especially throughout this extremely testing period.

This website is basically your one stop spot, a handy database which is easily accessible unlike a post on Facebook which might be lost easily and hard to find again having to dig through numerous COVID-19 related posts should you have refreshed the home page.


The Gadgets team are finding this incredibly useful whilst being confined to their respective homes to alleviate the boredom. This site includes a wide ranging spectrum – electronics, cosmetics, arts and crafts, food, baby products, detergents, professional services, and much more – anything you need is basically available for delivery these days.

The database is easily filtered by locality, industry and simplifies it for us by helping us get just what we are looking for with no time wasting. It’s also very simple for businesses to list their own services. is now available to use. We really recommend being listed on this database website and will definitely continue to make use of it whilst working from home. The team at Gadgets is starting to get used to comfy, convenient and COVID19 risk free way of life!