The iOS 14.3 Update Makes The iPhone Camera Even Better


If you’ve got the iPhone 12 Pro or Pro Max, then you’re about to start snapping the snazziest photos to date. The latest iOS 14.3 update allows you to access the ProRAW feature, but what does that mean exactly?

Editing like never before

Basically it combines the editing flexibility of RAW, with Apple’s photo tricks like Smart HDR and Deep Fusion, removing the limited editing of JPEG or HEIC files of before. Sure, there are apps that allow you to shoot RAW, but this feature means you can better adjust exposure, sharpness and plenty of other photographic gizmos.

Standard on the left; ProRAW on the right. Photo taken by Austin Mann.

How do I use it though?

First, you’ll need to enable it from the Camera Options from the settings menu. Then, you’ll see the “RAW” button appear towards the upper-right side of the camera viewfinder: from there you can quickly turn ProRAW on and off. It can be used with all the rear cameras, and also works in night mode.

You can even access the people segmentation masks captured by the sensor to make portrait mode-style adjustments after the fact, provided your editing app allows you to control it.

Sharing is caring

All of this is well and good, but there is one issue – the file size, of course, is massive. You’ll want to save this feature for the special occasions, because 25MB per photo is on the chunky side, to say the least.

When it comes to sharing, there are different ways of going about it:

  • to transfer an Apple ProRAW image to your computer: get the unedited photo, and either AirDrop or plug the device into USB and use Image Capture or the Windows Photos app
  • to share an edited ProRAW photo: edit the photo in the Photos app, then AirDrop, e-mail, or send via Messages. A JPG with the edits will be shared.
  • If you want to email a ProRAW DNG to someone: open the Photos app first and use the share button to share via Mail.
  • If you edit a ProRAW and want both the original DNG file and the edited JPG: use Image Capture or Windows Photos app.
  • If a ProRAW image is edited but you want to transfer a DNG: duplicate the photo, then revert the edits (makes it an unedited file). A DNG can then be AirDropped, etc.
  • If you used a third-party app that can take RAW+JPG, and you want both: use Image Capture to grab each file individually

Will you be using this feature? Send us your awesome photos in the comments section!

ProRAW photo taken by Austin Mann