The Hyatt Regency Malta’s Office For A Day Concept: Tried & Tested By Gadgets!


Sometimes you just need a change of scenery in order to breathe new life into your creative system. At first, it was the novelty of working from home, however, that’s fast become the norm. If you’re looking for a renewed blast of freshness, then you should definitely take a look at the Hyatt Regency Malta in St Julian’s.

Office for a day

The concept is as simple as it sounds, and Martina and Rachel were invited to try it out. You rent one of the Hyatt Regency Malta’s rooms for a day to serve as an office, but there’s so much more to it than just the room. Before starting the day, you’re free to take advantage of the gym and indoor pool, ensuring you’ve clicked right into gear before engaging into work-mode.

“Added to the free, easy parking and the room’s comfort, you’ve got added safety, privacy and lack of distractions,” said Martina. “It’s a fantastic way to spend a working day because it was so much more than just a room for an office,” she went on to explain. “World-class facilities, delicious food and the hotel team go over-and-above to make sure you’re well taken care of throughout your stay.”

Rachel was wholly in agreement, saying that although they were there for just a day, it really did affect her productivity levels – in a great way! “It was super comfortable and I’ll definitely be coming back,” she added. The room’s decor is also something to behold. Paired with the piazza-view and the beautifully-restored St Rita Priory & Chapel, it’s easy to see why Martina and Rachel found it to be an inspiring day of work!

Top-class facilities

You get access to the minibar and coffee machine as well as a morning booster and afternoon snack. Also included in the package price is room service lunch, and of course the room’s full facilities, including the shower and bed if that siesta-calling is a bit too strong.

Should you want to enjoy lunch or dinner at Seed Restaurant, discounts are also offered on its mouthwatering menu.

And that’s not all: If, at the end of your working day, you can’t wait to go back to the Hyatt Regency Malta, you can always become a member and claim points with World of Hyatt.

All in all, both Martina and Rachel loved the experience – especially for the reasonable price it’s available at. So, if you’re looking to hit the reset button on your working day, trade your work-from-home day to a day at the Hyatt Regency Malta, and you’ll surely be thankful for it!

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