The Grass Is Greenest Where It’s Cleanest


There’s no doubt that COVID has got us thinking of new ways to keep clean to the extent of even putting Cinderella to shame. On an industrial level, i-Clean Solutions by Baketech’s new range brings us treasures to reach fantasy-level cleanliness, and we’re going to take a look at what makes them so special, especially together.

It’s cleaner on the Greens side

We know as well as anyone that the proof of the product is in its using. So who better to tell us about how great these products are, than Greens Supermarket, who use them every day? We spoke with Jesmond Grech, who praised the products’ performance and fully recommends them for their functionality as well as the resulting safety levels for customers.

“You’ll see that they’re very flexible and easy to use, not to mention how they reach every corner and more importantly, there’s no use of detergents.”

Blasting COVID & other viruses away

Here we’ll take a closer look at the products that make Greens such a clean and safe place to shop, by focusing on three products in particular.

The STORM Ballistic Wand was designed specifically to combat COVID-19.  It is powered by a cordless backpack, from which it sprays a targeted mist, creating an even thin layer of disinfectant which ensures all the areas are sanitized efficiently.

The imop XL is a heavy-duty auto scrubber-dryer, built for small to medium spaces.  It cleans floors faster, easier and better than any traditional wet mop. Apart from the dual brush pressure that scrub and clean so well, the dirty water is collected in a different tank to the one holding the clean water, this ensures there is no cross-contamination.  Meaning you’re never moving the virus from one place to another, as it is kept in the dirty water tank…where it belongs until disposed of.

The real magic however happens in the SAO dispenser. A Stabilised Aqueous Ozone dispenser works by converting normal tap water into virus-killing disinfectant, by adding O3 to the water. This essentially becomes an environmentally friendly detergent that’s better and also less harmful than traditional bleach.

And they lived cleanly ever after

Though not technically created for the average household, it’s still worthwhile for would-be shoppers to know how their safety is a priority. There’s a lot more in the i-Clean Solutions arsenal as regards cleaning products, but how does this make you feel as a shopper, or business owner? Let us know in the comments below!