The Gadgets Team’s Favourite Pizza Take Away Spots πŸ•


It’s a long weekend ahead, and while you might have time to cook on one of the coming days, you’re also deserving of a treat. And the best treats in life are pizza-shaped. And scented. That’s why Gadgets looked to the team to talk about their favourite local pizza places.

Fran: Deeper Underground

Comparing pizzas is completely subjective, but some places, as Fran would testify…their pizzas are just built different. And that’s the case at Sotto pizzeria in Valletta. There’s a whole host of options to choose from, so try one today, another tomorrow…you get the picture. #GottaTryThemAll

James: Certified Neopolitan

A pizza-fanatic of sorts, our writer James had no qualms in choosing his go-to place. His actual reply simply read: “Sciantusi, end of discussion. Ċaw.” Sciantusi forms part of the “Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana”. Basically, it’s a certified Neopolitan pizza, a guarantee of awesome taste. A guarantee to steal your heart and fill your stomach.

Tracy: Maltese Style!

If you’re looking to get that local twist to your pizza, Tracy says look no further than Emanuel’s Bakery. From regular pizzas to specials, this is definitely a place worth trying. Just look at this March special. This article gets tougher to write by the minute.

Alenka & Marjann: Birds of a Feather

Alenka and Marjann’s choice rested on their dietary requirements of lactose and gluten-free requirements. With that in mind, they opted for The Oven. When speaking of pizza, diet tends to go waaay out the window (for what is pizza without a sea of cheese?), but it’s great that more and more places cater for everyone on the food spectrum!

Tina: Home is where the ham is

Trust Martina on this: the food is as good as it looks; it ain’t art just for the fun of it. Prosciutteria is a relative of the above-mentioned sotto, but put their pizzas together slightly different, but one thing’s for certain; there’s no lacking in taste from either!

Nadya: The Old School

There’s a charm about Vecchia Napoli that will never go away. Their signature calzone, the Capo Di Monte, remains a work of art and pretty much a national favourite for anyone who’s ever gone to Vecchia.

Michela: The New School

All the choices so far had been mostly of the Italian school of pizza, but Michela’s gone and thrown the proverbial spoon in the works. That’s right, she’s gone for Dominoes. Unorthodox? Maybe. Still tasty, and definitely worth it!

Which is your favourite takeaway spot for pizza? Comment below!