The Gadgets Team’s Favourite Halloween Movies


Halloween is finally upon us, and we’ve already talked about scary movies to watch on GO, but what of the other classics? We gathered the Gadgets team and came up with our favourite movies to watch at Halloween!

Say, “I Do”

For Nadya, our team manager extraordinaire, there was little doubt. “It has to be a Tim Burton movie, and from the several on offer, I have to go for Corpse Bride!” Can’t disagree with that, can we?

Master of fright

Keeping with Mr Burton’s talents, this writer opted for Nightmare Before Christmas. “You don’t argue whether it’s a Halloween or a Christmas movie. It’s both, so I watch it twice a year. Religiously”.

Here’s Johnny!

Our production and digital assistant Michela barely missed a beat: “We’re most definitely watching The Shining tonight”. Something tells us it’s not just a Halloween occurrence either…

Horror indeed

Fellow production assistant Marjann went for a more classic option with “The Conjuring”, but with an admission. “I must admit, I barely slept for a week after watching it!”

Classic of classics

Last but not least, Tina went for a classic that probably kickstarted the American teen slasher genre. “Scream is my go-to Halloween flick, but there are so many more I’d love to mention!”.