The Gadgetarian’s take on the Samsung Galaxy S21 Launch!

Samsung S21 Gadgets Opinion

Gadgets covered the Samsung Galaxy S21 launch — but some Gadgets team members were a bit more keen than others on this event! What did these Samsung-loving Gadget-erians have to say?

Without a doubt, Nadya, our creative director who has owned a Samsung Note 8 for the past 3 years (yes, she has owned the same phone for 3 years— and claims it works perfectly well… “touch wood”!), was super enthusiastic!

She said “I really think that Samsung have great devices…. The new Samsung phones launched yesterday all have great designs. My favourite one was the Samsung S21 Ultra 5G Phantom Black!”

“As a photography and videography lover I can’t wait to test out the camera, and this time I intend to test it vigorously! Stay tuned for some exciting stuff soon on the Gadgets Social Media Pages!”.

Well – we can’t blame her on this last point, can we? Samsung did claim that their camera is so good – one no longer needs a DSLR!

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G Phantom Black

Indeed, Justin, Gadgets founder and Samsung- and videography- enthusiast is dying to test out the Samsung S21’s camera.

“This now has four cameras… I wonder what the phone will use to fill in the gap between the X3 and X10 optical zoom, while not compromising on quality”, he enquired.

Justin stated that another interesting new-gadget is the S-Pen – which will now be compatible with all Samsung Galaxy devices. Previously, this pen worked with other Samsung devices, but had certain limitations. This mysterious change left Justin speculating… will the Note series come to an end? Or did Samsung simply want to have another gadget to feature in their launch?

We cannot wait to review the newly launched phones and earbuds in Samsung Galaxy S21 series! Stay tuned.